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  • Acqualagna lies near the entrance to the Furlo Gorge, along the ancient Via Flaminia. In the town centre there is the parish church dedicated to Saint Lucia.  Not far is the Sanctu... >>
  • Acquasanta Terme  is a southern municipality of the Marche, along the Salaria road, a consular road that connects Rome to Ascoli Piceno, where the Garrafo  stream  flows into the T... >>
  • Small town located in the hinterland of San Benedetto del Tronto, Acquaviva Picena stands on a hill from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view up to the mountains of the Apennine... >>
  • Agugliano is at the top of a hillock surrounded by gentle rolling hills. A nice view of the Conero promontory can be enjoyed from the overlooks of the town. It’s been populated si... >>
  • The origins of Altidona date back to 150,00 years ago. Then it was inhabited by an ancient Greek population called Pelasgi and then by the Picenes and the Romans. It belonged to F... >>
  • Amandola is a small Medieval centre located on the eastern slopes of the Sibillini National Park and on the left side of the Tenna river. It’s 500 metres above the sea level. The n... >>
  • Ancona, the region's capital, is located on the central Adriatic coast.SEA TOURIST OFFER: The city has several beaches. The most central is called Passetto, with large white ro... >>
  • Apecchio nestles deep in the Apennines and borders on the province of Pesaro-Urbino and the province of Perugia. It is situated in the middle of a large municipal area, which cover... >>
  • Already inhabited at the time of the Piceni and later of the Romans, Apiro is located on a hill 516 meters above sea level at the foot of Mount S. Vicino. Not far from the resident... >>
  • Appignano is a charming hillside town located in the heart of the Marche region, at an altitude of nearly 200 m. above sea level, considered one of the smallest villages in the pro... >>
  • Appignano del Tronto is a municipality located on a hill. It was probably founded in ancient times. It’s a thriving centre of handicraft, which is specialized in lace, bobbin lace,... >>
  • Arcevia is a noble town which rises on a ridge in the Apennine foothills of the central Marche, not far from Senigallia. It’s surrounded by strong walls, built between the 13th and... >>
  • Heading along the via Salaria from Ascoli Piceno towards Rome the distant outline of Arquata del Tronto is unmistakable against the heady backdrop of Monte Vettore. Towering above ... >>
  • The enchanting town of Ascoli Piceno is one of the most important art towns in southern Marche and in central Italy. Travertine was widely used to pave the historic centre. Not to ... >>
  • Auditore overlooks  the Foglia valley. It’s on a rocky spur which is pictorially placed on a slope which has a one hundred metre drop. Many archaeological finds attest to the pres... >>
  • Barbara is a hilly municipality which was founded in the Middle Ages on a site which had already been inhabited by the Lombards. It’s between the Misa and Nevola rivers and its cas... >>
  • Belforte all'Isauro is situated in the Upper Foglia Valley, on the border between the Marche and Tuscany, on a long isolated spur of rock between the Isauro and Fossato torrent... >>
  •  Belforte del Chienti is a hilly municipality which was founded in medieval times. It overlooks the river Chienti, it ‘s perched on a high ground and it’s still enclosed within the... >>
  • Belmonte Piceno is on a ridge which divides the Tenna and Ete Vivo valleys. Most important archaeological discoveries took place in Belmonte Piceno as 300 Picene tombstones dating ... >>
  • Belvedere Ostrense was founded, just like Ostra and Ostra Vetere, by some inhabitants of the Roman town of Ostra, although former settlements date back to the Picenes and also to t... >>
  • For mountain hikers, one of our best suggestions can be a visit to Bolognola. It's located at 1000 metres a.s.l.  in the high valley of Fiastrone. From Bolognola hikers can fol... >>
  • Borgo Pace is made up of many villages and rural houses which were originated by medieval castles where  local inhabitants looked for a shelter. Besides, the town stands at the cen... >>
  • Cagli is located on a plateau closed by the Bosso and Burano rivers. The town is bordered to the south on Mount Catria , Mount Nerone and Mount Petrano and further north on Mount P... >>
  • Land of art and castles, Caldarola attracts visitors with its fairy-tale atmosphere, its ancient castle with Guelph battlements, with its sophisticated urban layout that makes it a... >>
  • In the Town Hall gallery of Camerano you can see the collection of the painter Carlo Maratti, born in Camerano, who transported the remains of the Christian martyr “Santa Faustina”... >>
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