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A multi-faceted region, the Marche appears reticent and reluctant on one side and welcoming and tourist-oriented on the other.
The tourists who choose to spend holidays in the region are offered a wide variety of accommodation facilities, which aim to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding visitors: hotel and camper van reception is most developed in seaside resorts, while  farm holiday houses, country-houses, historic residences and hotels are plentiful inland; in the mountains, visitors can stay in shelters and B&Bs are scattered throughout the region. 

Whether you choose a hotel or an alternative accommodation, the hospitality service is attentively looked after, which means attention to details, for pleasant and memorable stays for guests. The Marche boasts 936 hotels and well-advanced tourist residences, provided with beauty farms and conference rooms. 108 camp sites and resorts with entertainment and theme nights are located especially on the coast.
Approximately 1,038 B&Bs account for an important segment of the region’s tourist integrated supply. In a  B&B you can be given a friendly, favourable welcome, thus bringing you closer to the culture of the Marche.
Traditional dishes and breathtaking landscapes are offered by the 709 farm holiday houses and the 252 country houses, where sport, cultural and wine-and-food courses are also organized. In the villages and on the hills, a variety of hotels provide visitors with  hospitality facilities, assistance, restoration and common areas. Guests are accommodated in houses and rooms that are located no more than 200 metres from the “heart” of the main building, with the hotel reception, the common areas and the restaurant. 

207 rooms for rent are also available for those who wish to extend their holiday for study purposes. 34 hostels are available for teenagers and families. About 100 parking areas are available for the enthusiasts of open-air vacations; 15 shelters are available in the mountains and foothills for hikers; those who want to go back in time can stay in historic residences, castles and mansions; convents scattered all over the territory offer their hospitality to those more inclined to meditation and reflection.

The "Ospitalità Italiana" Seal
The Marche Region has started to cooperate with the Provinces and the Chamber of Commerce Network to enhance the quality of the accommodation facilities, allocating regional Italian Quality Tourism Seals to attract tourism on both the national and foreign market.
The Italian Quality Tourism Seal - Marche Region project has achieved considerable success, involving a total of 142 hotels, with the allocation of 112 seals and has been extended to guarantee full accessibility and use of facilities to tourists with disabilities. The seal also conveys information on important social issues such as environmental protection and sustainability on the basis of the European Union Eco-label Scheme. Among other things, the aim of the seal is to promote sustainable actions, with an eye to enhancing the richness and variety of the territory.



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